Whether experienced sailor or a beginner sailing in Greece...

...there is simply no reason not to charter a sailing yacht...

...with or without a crew to make your sailing in Greece enjoyable...

...and a unique and unforgettable experience of sailing!

Advice for Sailing in Greece - Tips&Tricks

Sailing advice

Advice for Experienced and Less Experienced Sailors

As you decide to go sailing in Greece, there are several things you must familiarize yourself with. Greece has a Mediterranean climate - there is plenty of sunshine and the temperatures are mild. This makes a sailing vacation on one of the Greek seas very pleasant. The coasts of the Ionian, the Aegean, the Sea of Crete and the Mediterranean Sea are diverse and boast clean blue waters. If you are a less experienced sailor sailing in Greece, the Ionian islands are the place to go. However, if in search for excitement and stronger winds to show off your sailing abilities, take our advice - the Sporades are your destination. And do not forget - when chartering a yacht for a holiday in Greece, choose a reliable agency.

Charter a boat - Crewed or Bareboat

Crewed or Bareboat Charter for Sailing in Greece?

When chartering a yacht for sailing in Greece, there are three options you can choose from: bareboat, skippered or crewed charter. Bareboat charter means you get only the boat and steer its wheel yourself, for which you a need a license. If you are not a licensed skipper, you can choose the skippered charter and have someone else do the sailing for you. Apart from their sailing experience, skippers will have some local knowledge and be your guide to Greece. For truly hassle-free sailing in Greece, our advice is to choose the crewed charter. Your crew will take care of navigation, sailing and preparing meals. Crewed yachts also tend to be more luxurious and have much additional equipment.

Additional Greece Sailing Advice

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